The Round Robin

So much to say about this year that I was tempted to send out the old ‘round robin’ newsletter, but I’ve held back. Partly because I don’t want to bore you but mostly because of the tantalising fact that most of our best work this year has been for clients who would like us to keep their houses and identity confidential.

I’ll be brief and say that we’ve discovered some amazing secrets about properties from old rectories and great estates to tiny townhouses. Our best find of the year was locating some forgotten Roman ruins. We’ve been all over the UK and even had a commission from New Zealand, so now we’re truly international. All this work has meant that there has been no time for blogging and this year I’ll be working right up to Christmas and over the holidays.

If you would like us to unlock the history of your house, or you want to treat yourself to a splendid architectural drawing in the New Year, please give us a call!Round Robin