The Model Career?

The Model Career?

It’s interesting to wonder just how you arrive at your job. How much is luck or destiny. Everyone has talents of one sort or another. Mine are luckily all aligned towards art and design. I have always drawn and made things, ever since I was…
A Miniature Piece of History

A Miniature Piece of History

From 8th – 10th November I will be exhibiting my work at Handmade in Chelsea, It’s a fantastic show packed with products from contemporary designers, makers and craftsmen. I’m particularly excited about this show as it is not only my…
Hatching a Plan

Hatching a Plan

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Recently I’ve been doing a little work for Pegasus Land. They are creating a series of purpose built flats in new and reconditioned buildings with private apartments and also communal areas, such as dining rooms, pools and gym facilities.…

An English Padlock

"Be to her virtues very kind;And to her indulgencies a little blind". As a child in the house where I grew up, I always longed for there to be a secret room. I used to dream about opening a door I’d never seen before and finding evidence…
An Archistory picture of a beautiful house in Dulwich

Spring Makeover for the website

I think its about time that we all cheered up! Spring seems to have finally arrived and I know that we've all had enough of the general grey gloom of the past few months. I have had my share of coping with the cold and the damp whilst measuring…
Alwyn Villas

NEW WEBSITE! Live Today!

Thanks to Red 2 Design for the wonderful transformation of the website. Great to see it all up and running. We hope you all enjoy the new features the it has to offer, new pages and layout. Check out the film 'Where do…