Hatching a Plan

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Recently I’ve been doing a little work for Pegasus Land. They are creating a series of purpose built flats in new and reconditioned buildings with private apartments and also communal areas, such as dining rooms, pools and gym facilities.…

An English Padlock

"Be to her virtues very kind;And to her indulgencies a little blind". As a child in the house where I grew up, I always longed for there to be a secret room. I used to dream about opening a door I’d never seen before and finding evidence…

The Model Career?

It’s interesting to wonder just how you arrive at your job. How much is luck or destiny. Everyone has talents of one sort or another. Mine are luckily all aligned towards art and design. I have always drawn and made things, ever since I was…

Going a little wild with the detail 

Sometimes when we visit a house there's a little more to draw than the architecture. Owners have asked us to include details very personal to them, from plants growing up the walls, to much loved family pets.