Grey sky
Grey sky

The Glorious English Summer!

I’m all for the British obsession with the weather but I have to say that things are really getting out of hand nowadays. With Wimbledon week upon us recently it was really no surprise to see the heavens open on a daily basis and for us to be deluged with solid and unremitting rain. I’m used to that, and have come to expect early July in London to be at least grey and dingy, if not downright soggy. That’s why they built the roof on Centre Court.

Now that the tennis is over you would think that the rain might stop, but no. The subject of the weather is not just idle chit-chat for me; it really makes a difference to my working day. As you might suspect, it is almost impossible to draw outdoors in heavy rain. Believe me- I’ve tried it on many occasions recently! Nearly every type of other weather condition can be handled when I’m out surveying a house. I have measured-up in thick fog, snow, temperatures down as low as -5, but not the weather we are enduring at the moment.

Sketch book

The high-tech surveying equipment

I need to make several drawings and take accurate dimensions in order to produce my architectural drawings. Someone asked me once if I had a special camera that could take pictures and turn them into line drawings, or if there was some great architectural software for this purpose. Unfortunately, if there is I haven’t heard of it.

Understanding how the building fits together and looking very closely structure is vital for producing my drawings. It’s also very helpful when we come to talk about the history of a house, as I have often noticed tiny details in a building which give valuable clues to the sequence of construction or alteration over its lifetime.

Sketchbook Page

A page of measurements from my sketchbook

It’s just a gamble at the moment for me to drive to see a new client’s house and hope that the weather holds. I’ve been lucky this week as there has been a brief break in the clouds here and there, so some work has been done.  Let’s hope that the Olympics don’t have the same meteorological effect!