Birthday Wishes

Nearly all of the drawings we create at Archistory are surprise gifts. Mostly we are asked to produce our house histories and drawings as special birthday presents for men. That’s not to say that women aren’t interested in architectural design and house history, far from it, but it is true to say that men are harder to buy for; hopefully our work provides the ideal solution to anyone stuck for a really special idea.

One major difficulty we’ve found lately is that those on the look-out for a great present idea find Archistory as the clock is ticking and time is running short before whatever big day they are about to celebrate. The whole process of us surveying the house, researching the history, drafting the text of our story and drawing the final picture is time consuming. Much hard work is involved in every commission, so they tend to take about six to eight weeks from start to finish.

If you happen to have less time than that at hand, but would like to order a drawing from us, there is a solution. Lately we have started to provide a very well presented card or voucher, as a sort of promise that the finished piece is on its way. This can be tailor made to include the name of the recipient of the gift and the occasion, along with the name of the property. All this is just part of the service!

Happy birthday 6