Archistory US FlagWe’re very happy to announce our participation in the fundraising auction at the American School in London this weekend, 15th and 16th March. Archistory has pledged to produce a picture including a full house history for the lucky bidder who wins the prize. We hope that this contribution to the fundraising events at the American School will provide an interesting and unusual prize and tempt lots of eager families to bid.

Our contribution came about thanks to the idea of one of our clients whose children attend the school. She said that there are many American families, living in London who fall in love with the houses they stay in. Some come to the UK and settle down to make a career and a home here, and some stay for just a few years, and long to take a little piece of London home with them. Now this dream can come true! 

Sadly the auction is a private affair only open to friends and families of the school so I’m afraid that I can’t give out any more details than that. Apparently the auction is attended by around 2,000 people during its two day run, so hopefully a large number will see our example pictures which will be exhibited at the school.

We wish the best of luck to all who take part, both in bidding and to the volunteers who have helped organise the event.

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