The Unique Story of Your Car

Combining Paul Murray’s long association and love affair with classic and vintage cars, and Ben Taggart’s skills as fastidious draughtsman, Archistory is now offering the same service to passionate car owners as it does to inquisitive property owners:

A unique and personalized history of your pride and joy, combined with meticulous line drawings, printed onto fine art paper and framed.  Each commission is entirely bespoke, and the history can emphasize any specific mechanical or coachwork element of the car, or perhaps the relevance of a particular previous owner.

Paul will research any DVLA records, or their equivalent abroad, contact the original manufacturer if possible, liaise with the relevant Car Club Archive, and speak to any previous owners if permitted.

From photographs and factory drawings, Ben will produce beautiful, to-scale line drawings of the side and front of the vehicle, the chassis plate, and any other visual details relevant to the car’s provenance.

The result is a beautiful and unique artefact for the car connoisseur’s wall.

The size of the finished drawing can vary up to A1 size, and the finished product can be supplied framed or unframed.

Autostories make superb gifts, prices are available on request.


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