A Lost House Rediscovered

2012-10-11 14.18This week I have been working on a project to reconstruct architectural drawings of a building which was probably demolished around 1820. This imposing red brick manor house once stood in what are now the back gardens of houses in Sandy Lodge Road, Northwood. Evidence of the existence of the house came to light thanks to the detailed researches of Professor Martin Biddle, during the course of his investigation into the Manor of the Moor and Moor Park.

Moor House V2I was asked to provide architectural drawings based on a watercolour painting in possession of descendants of the owners of the lost house. From the picture I was able to work out the size and scale of the original house, and even make some proposals as to the layout of the interior, by using the positions of the chimneys in the painting to give me indications of the divisions between the rooms inside. Looking carefully at the spacing of the windows and their positions in relation to the front door and other features, it was possible to discover that the building had been constructed and extended in several phases, and the original windows had been replaced with the sashes shown in the painting.