A unique fusion of architectural drawing and house history

Archistory / a:ki’sto:ri / n. (pl. Archistories)

Let us unlock the secrets of your home


Architectural drawing and house history combined


Latest News October 2020

In light of the continuing situation with Covid 19’s second wave causing widespread disruption, we have decided that our illustrated house history service must be carried out without a visit to your home for the time being. Find out here how we can still provide our unique service to you..

Architectural Process

Ben Taggart expertly translates the three-dimensional shape and complexity of your property into an accurate two-dimensional line drawing. Elements of the house unfamiliar to the owners are drawn with the same meticulous care as the more well known features.

Historical Process

Historical research at Archistory is carried out by Paul Murray. After the site visit and discussion regarding the architectural process, Paul may contact the client by phone and conduct a more detailed house history interview.


Let us uncover the unique and personalised history of your classic or vintage car, and combine it with meticulous line drawings, to create a beautiful framed print.

Commission us to create a unique architectural drawing of your home, along with a fully researched house history

Ben Taggart can create a beautiful architectural drawing of your home or property, and combine it in a picture with Paul Murray’s story of the house and its owners.

See the building’s architectural features perfectly represented with the maximum level of detail and accuracy using measurements taken on site.

Read the accompanying history, which gives a fascinating insight into the original builder or developer, the owners of the property, and also how the building itself may have changed over the years.

In each Archistory commission, the layout and choice of typography perfectly complements the architectural style of your property, so that the whole image creates an atmosphere of the period in which the house was built.

A wonderful and original gift

The Archistory Team

In 1994 Ben founded Ben Taggart Modelmaking & Design producing architectural models for private clients, property developers, museums and architects. Ben then hit upon the idea of combining his love of architecture, his eye for detail and his training in typography and graphic design with his passion for history. He founded ‘Archistory’ in 2009. Paul Murray was thrilled to be asked to contribute to the Archistory project. For him, researching each property presents a different and fascinating challenge. The joy of writing an ‘Archistory’ is being able to unlock those secrets.


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